Updated -  30/03/22
In accordance with the current government Covid-19 guidelines , the hall is now under no capacity restrictions.
Daily chemical fogging is still being carried out, as well as hand sanitizer being provided at both entrances. 

There is no requirement to wear a  face mask on the premises, however visitors may continue to do so if they wish. /

The Viscountess Barrington Trust has put measures in to place to ensure that hirers, staff and volunteers have all been considered when re-opening the hall. One of these measures is for all key hirers to carry out a regular, condensed Covid-19 risk assessment. This will also act as a strong platform for hirers to voice any concerns they may have regarding procedures carried out by the Trust when dealing with Covid-19, sanitation and social distancing.

Please read the risk assessment carefully and note that you, as the key hirer, have responsibilities when hiring the hall – these will be found in the ‘Mitigation’ sections.


The risk assessment is split into 4 columns:

Area of Risk - The subject that we are assessing the risk of, for example – ‘Toilets’

Risk Identified - Where we will list any relevant Covid-19 risks, for example – ‘Social Distancing difficult in this area’

Mitigations - What we have done/are doing to control and reduce this risk, for example – ‘Social distancing floor markers in place’

Hirer Satisfaction - This is the section that you, as the responsible hirer, must fill out. Please circle yes or no to indicate whether you are satisfied with the risks that we have identified and how we have chosen to mitigate them. There is also a space for you to provide any extra comments on that area, which are welcomed.




Initial Assessment August 2020 - Lewie Hilsdon, Health & Safety Officer – Viscountess Barrington Trust

COVID-19 Risk Assesment - Key Hirer